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Dr Kathleen Curran BSc (Hons), MSc, Phd


Dr Curran is an Assistant Professor in Diagnostic Imaging in UCD School of Medicine and an Affiliated Principal Investigator in the Centre for Biomedical Engineering. She is a funded investigator in the Science Foundation Ireland centre for research training in machine learning (ML-Labs) and directs the UCD machine learning in medical imaging research group. Her research interests are in Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning applied to MRI, Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography data. Her group conducts basic and applied research in MRI of the brain, heart and the musculoskeletal system. These multidisciplinary international research studies span medical imaging, computer science and biomedical engineering, have a proven success in publications and encourage innovative approaches amongst her postgraduate researchers. Ultimately, she hopes to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians and build real-world clinical applications with the support of industrial partners. In partnership with Axial Medical Printing Ltd. she was awarded the 2019 InterTrade Ireland FUSION Project Exemplar Award and is a winner of an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund 2020. She has authored several book chapters and is currently editor for a special issue on AI enhanced Diffusion MRI in neuroimaging for the journal Frontiers in Neurology. She also leads an MSc programme on AI in medical image analysis.


Publications - Machine Learning

Enterprise imaging and big data: A review from a medical physics perspective

Nicholas McCarthy, AdilDahlan, Tessa S. Cook, Neil O’Hare, Marie-Louise Ryan, Brendan St John, Aonghus Lawlor, Kathleen M. Curran

Physica Medica Volume 83, March 2021, Pages 206-220

Semi-Supervised Siamese Network for Identifying Bad Data in Medical Imaging Datasets

Niamh Belton, Aonghus Lawlor, Kathleen M Curran (MIDL 2021)

Bone Segmentation in Contrast Enhanced Whole-Body Computed Tomograph

Patrick Leydon, Martin O'Connell, Derek Greene, Kathleen M Curran

Journal of Medical Physics for a possible publication (2020)

Cross-correlation Template Matching for Liver Localisation in Computed Tomography

Patrick Leydon, Martin O'Connell, Derek Greene, Kathleen M Curran

The 2019 Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference (IMVIP 2019), Technological University Dublin, 28-30 August 2019

Synthetic Positron Emission Tomography Using Conditional-Generative Adversarial Networks for Healthy Bone Marrow Baseline Image Generation

Patrick Leydon, Martin O'Connell, Derek Greene, Kathleen M Curran

The 2019 Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing (IMVIP 2019), Technological University Dublin, Irealnd, 28-30 August 2019

Book Chapter - Semi-automatic bone marrow evaluation in PETCT for multiple myeloma

Patrick Leydon, Martin O’Connell, Derek Greene, Kathleen Curran

Medical Image Understanding and Analysis. MIUA 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 723. Springer, Cham

Automatic bone marrow segmentation for PETCT imaging in multiple myeloma

Patrick Leydon, M O’Connell, D Greene, K Curran

Physica Medica Volume 32, Supplement 3, September 2016, Page 242

Machine learning in prediction of prostate brachytherapy rectal dose classes at day 30

Patrick Leydon, Frank Sullivan, Faisal Jamaluddin, Peter Woulfe, Derek Greene, Kathleen M Curran

The Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference (IMVIP 2015), Dublin, Ireland, 26-28 August 2015

Publications - PET Imaging

Differences in regional bone metabolism at the spine and hip: a quantitative study using 18 F-fluoride positron emission tomography

T Puri, ML Frost, KM Curran, M Siddique, AEB Moore, GJR Cook, PK Marsden, I Fogelman, GM Blake

Osteoporosis International volume 24, pages 633–639 (2013)

Comparison of six quantitative methods for the measurement of bone turnover at the hip and lumbar spine using 18F-fluoride PET-CT

Tanuj Puri, Glen M Blake, Michelle L Frost, Musib Siddique, Amelia EB Moore, Paul K Marsden, Gary JR Cook, Ignac Fogelman, Kathleen M Curran​

Nuclear Medicine Communications: June 2012 - Volume 33 - Issue 6 - p 597-606

Semiautomatic region-of-interest validation at the femur in 18f-fluoride pet/ct

Tanuj Puri, Glen M Blake, Kathleen M Curran, Hamish Carr, Amelia EB Moore, Niall Colgan, Martin J O’Connell, Paul K Marsden, Ignac Fogelman, Michelle L Frost

Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology September 2012, 40 (3) 168-174

Bone turnover at the spine and hip measured using 18F-PET

T Puri, GM Blake, ML Frost, M Siddique, AE Moore, PK Marsden, I Fogelman, KM Curran

Bone, Volume 48, Supplement 2, 7 May 2011, Page S89

Validation of new image-derived arterial input functions at the aorta using 18F-fluoride positron emission tomography

Tanuj Puri, Glen M Blake, Musib Siddique, Michelle L Frost, Gary JR Cook, Paul K Marsden, Ignac Fogelman, Kathleen M Curran

Nuclear Medicine Communications: June 2011 - Volume 32 - Issue 6 - p 486-495

Validation of image-derived arterial input functions at the femoral artery using 18F-fluoride positron emission tomography

Tanuj Puri, Glen M Blake, Michelle L Frost, Amelia EB Moore, Musib Siddique, Gary JR Cook, Paul K Marsden, Ignac Fogelman, Kathleen M Curran

Nuclear Medicine Communications: September 2011 - Volume 32 - Issue 9 - p 808-817

Long-term precision of 18F-fluoride PET skeletal kinetic studies in the assessment of bone metabolism

Michelle L Frost, Glen M Blake, So-Jin Park-Holohan, Gary JR Cook, Kathleen M Curran, Paul K Marsden, Ignac Fogelman

Journal of Nuclear Medicine May 2008, 49 (5) 700-707

FDG-PET as a" metabolic biopsy" tool in non-lung lesions with indeterminate biopsy

A Beggs, S Hain, Kathleen Curran, M O'Doherty

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging volume 29, pages542–546(2002)

FDG-PET as a" metabolic biopsy" tool in thoracic lesions with indeterminate biopsy

Sharon F Hain, Kathleen M Curran, Andrew D Beggs, Ignac Fogelman, Michael J O'doherty, Michael N Maisey

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine volume 28, pages1336–1340(2001)

The'metabolic biopsy': Dedicated FDG-PET for failed biopsy in non-lung lesions

SF Hain, AD Beggs, KM Curran, I Fogelman


The use of FDG PET as a ‘metabolic biopsy’for non-lung tumours

AD Beggs, SF Hain, KM Curran, I Fogelman

Nuclear Medicine Communications: April 2000 - Volume 21 - Issue 4 - p 380

The metabolic biopsy: FDG-PET for the management of failed or contraindicated biopsies.

SF Hain, KM Curran, I Fogelman, MN Maisey


Publications - DTI

Anatomically accurate model of EMG during index finger flexion and abduction derived from diffusion tensor imaging

Diego Pereira Botelho, Kathleen Curran, Madeleine M Lowery

PLoSComput Biol 15(8):e1007267 (2019)

Visualization of visual pathway disruption in patients with nystagmus associated with multiple sclerosis: value of DTI at 3T

R Dunne, P Iyer, JF Meaney, A Fagan, K Curran, N Colgan, G Boyle, J Redmond

European Congress of Radiology, March 2011

Book Chapter_- Quantitative DTI measures

Curran K.M., Emsell L., Leemans A.

(2016) Quantitative DTI Measures. In: Van Hecke W., Emsell L., Sunaert S. (eds) Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Springer, New York, NY.

Publications - Image Registration

Similarity Measures for Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Imaging Registration

Carla Gil, Adrianus J Bakermans, Baastian J van Nierop, Gustav J Strijkers, Hans C van Assen, Kathleen M Curran

2011 Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2011, pp. 82-83

Comparison of similarity measures for driving diffusion tensor registration

KM Curran, DC Alexander

Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 13 (2005)

Diffusion tensor orientation matching for image registration

Kathleen M Curran, Daniel C Alexander

Proc. SPIE 5032, Medical Imaging 2003: Image Processing, (15 May 2003)

Publications - Other

Doctoral Colloquium—A Snapshot of the Future: Virtual and Augmented Reality Training for Radiology

Xuanhui Xu, Eleni Mangina, David Kilroy, Kathleen M Curran, John J Healy, Abraham G Campbell

2020 6th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN), San Luis Obispo, CA, USA, 2020, pp. 407-410

Suppression of the CT Beam Hardening Streak Artifact Using Predictive Correction on Detector Data

John G Stowe, Kathleen M Curran

Universal Journal of Medical Science, 4 (2): 69-80, 2016

Horizontal nystagmus and multiple sclerosis using 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging

PM Iyer, AJ Fagan, JF Meaney, NC Colgan, SD Meredith, DO Driscoll, KM Curran, D Bradley, J Redmond

Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -) volume 185, pages881–886(2016)

Deep evolution of image representations for handwritten digit recognition

Alexandros Agapitos, Michael O'Neill, Miguel Nicolau, David Fagan, Ahmed Kattan, Anthony Brabazon, Kathleen Curran

IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), Sendai, Japan, 2015, pp. 2452-2459

A method for improved clustering and classification of microscopy images using quantitative co-localization coefficients

Vasanth R Singan, Kenan Handzic, Kathleen M Curran, Jeremy C Simpson

BMC Research Notes volume 5, Article number: 281 (2012)

Dual channel rank-based intensity weighting for quantitative co-localization of microscopy images

Vasanth R Singan, Thouis R Jones, Kathleen M Curran, Jeremy C Simpson

BMC Bioinformatics volume 12, Article number: 407 (2011)

Bioluminescent imaging: a critical tool in pre‐clinical oncology research

K O'Neill, SK Lyons, WM Gallagher, KM Curran, AT Byrne

J Pathol 2010; 220: 317–327

Vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy with BF2-chelated Tetraaryl-Azadipyrromethene agents: a multi-modality molecular imaging approach to therapeutic assessment

AT Byrne, AE O'connor, M Hall, J Murtagh, K O'neill, KM Curran, K Mongrain, JA Rousseau, R Lecomte, S McGee, JJ Callanan, DF O'shea, WM Gallagher

British Journal of Cancer volume 101, pages1565–1573(2009)

Gastrointestinal side effects associated with novel therapies in patients with multiple myeloma: consensus statement of the IMF Nurse Leadership Board.

Lisa C Smith, Page Bertolotti, Kathleen Curran, Bonnie Jenkins

Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2008 Jun;12(3 Suppl):37-52

Management of side effects of novel therapies for multiple myeloma: Consensus statements developed by the International Myeloma Foundation’s Nurse Leadership Board

Page Bertolotti, Elizabeth Bilotti, Kathleen Colson, Kathleen Curran, Deborah Doss, Beth Faiman, Maria Gavino, Bonnie Jenkins, Kathy Lilleby, Ginger Love, Patricia A Mangan, Emily McCullagh, Teresa Miceli, Kena Miller, Kathryn Rogers, Sandra Rome, Stacey Sandifer, Lisa C Smith, Joseph D Tariman, Jeanne Westphal

Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2008 Jun; 12(3 0): 9–12

Visual adaptation: softcopy image contribution to the observer's field of view

RJ Toomey, Kathleen Curran, C D'Helft, Maria B Joyce, John Stowe, JT Ryan, Mark F McEntee, David J Manning, PC Brennan

Proceedings Volume 6917, Medical Imaging 2008: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment; 69170O (2008)

Vascular targeted photodynamic therapy with adpm agents

Annette Byrne, Aisling O'Connor, Michael Hall, Julie Murtagh, Karen O'Neill, Kathleen Curran, Kim Mongrain, Roger Lecomte, Sharon McGee, Donal O'Shea, William Gallagher

AACR Annual Meeting-- Apr 12-16, 2008; San Diego, CA

A browser based image bank, useful tool or expensive toy?

PJ Liepins, KM Curran, CR Renshaw, MN Maisey

Medical Informatics Volume 23, 1998 - Issue 3

Developing global resonance for global leadership

Kathleen Curran

Leadership and Power in International Development (Building Leadership Bridges), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 311-329

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